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Sabine Stanford

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After 10 years in traditional broadcast working on quality shows such as the The Wide Awake Club and Hitman & Her (you have to be really old to remember!) I was lucky enough to work on a series imaginatively entitled ‘The Net’ which is how I came to discover the world of digital in 1995. I then spent some great years working for one of the first generation design agencies Sunbather helping build the business and managing production.

The years that followed were totally inspirational. Creativity was king and enthusiasm oozed from every corner from Soho to Shoreditch – ok, there was a lot of hype but there was also a genuine desire to innovate. Then came the crash followed by a period of ‘growing up’ and now I think the industry’s entering another really exciting phase. New models are emerging and agencies are clearer about what they do whether it be full service or specialist – there’s room to breathe again, there’s room for everyone – the common goal being to produce great work, innovate & integrate.

I love what I do! Throughout my time in digital, the constant fascination and inspiration for me has been the brilliant pool of people, the talent. I love nurturing and seeing people reach their full potential – being mum, which is my other passion, being a real-time mum!