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Eleanor Roome

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Introduced to recruitment in 1999 it was enough to scare anyone! The hard nose sell wasn’t for me, so off to teach in Ghana and Japan I went with a few countries in-between. Returning to London I found myself immersed in the interactive industry and with support from amazing individuals and clients in 2005 Roome was born.

Over the years I’ve travelled worldwide, dived in many oceans and climbed many mountains, learnt Reiki from a Buddhist monk in Kyoto and freedived with lots of sharks and one of my most treasured achievements, apart from becoming a Mummy of course, has been creating and developing Roome.

Every day I learn something new from the people around me and have great pride in working as a consultant and sharing my knowledge.

It’s been a journey and this is only the beginning, very exciting times lie ahead in the digital world and I’m loving being part of it!